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Levante are ultra resistant telescopic rod radially reinforced with carbon. They are multi-purpose rods, suitable for bolentino fishing, bottom or drifting and are equipped with two tips of different power and sensitivity. The reel seat is ring nut, the rear rubber cap and the rings are robust and reliable.

x9130xx Cima/Tip Levante Light- 700 mm - Ø 4,60 mm
x9131xx Cima/Tip Levante Medium - 600 mm - Ø 4,60 mm

code size diameter weight sections closed length power
03965xx 3,20m 19,00 mm 258 g 4+2 115 cm Max 150 g
03966xx 3,70 m 19,50 mm 285 g 4+2 115 cm Max 150 g