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R18 Distance Feeder

R18 Distance Feeder

New series of feeder rods totally made in R18 material. Developed with the specific intent of creating super light rods, thin but above all equipped with throwing weights at high distances with extreme simplicity and precision. The supplied tips are particularly innovative, created with the exclusive SoHo Tip system; they are created by a perfect combination of a tubular and a solid part in order to obtain exceptional lightness, power in the casting phase and extreme sensitivity. They are supplied with titanium framed Minima rings and ergonomic reel seat with double ring.

Cime in dotazione / Tips Included
x918202 Cima/Tip R18 Distance Feeder 1,50 Oz - 700 mm - Ø 3,60 mm
x918203 Cima/Tip R18 Distance Feeder 2,00 Oz - 700 mm - Ø 3,60 mm
x918204 Cima/Tip R18 Distance Feeder 3,00 Oz - 700 mm - Ø 3,60 mm
Cima Extra / Extra Tip
x918201 Cima/Tip R18 Distance Feeder 1,00 Oz - 700 mm - Ø 3,60 mm

code type size diameter weight sections closed length power
05779xx Medium 13 ft 12,10 mm 255 g 3+3 137 cm 70 g
05780xx Medium Strong 14 ft 12,70 mm 260 g 3+3 147 cm 90 g
05781xx Strong 15 ft 13,60 mm 295 g 3+3 157 cm 100 g