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Concept Feeder TBR Sea

Concept Feeder TBR Sea

These rods are specifically designed for sea feeder fishing. The series meets all the anglers demanding needs this technique: it ranges from version 12 feet suitable for medium distance fishing from piers or artificial cliffs, to 13 feet for the medium-long fishing piers or natural cliffs to get to 14 feet powerful capable of long casts even in adverse wind conditions. They are 3x Multi tip Equipped, that is equipped with three 3mm solid carbon tips of different power; the rings supplied are Pac Bay Minima corrosion-resistant, screw reel seat and the handle is in EVA with cork inserts.

x918101 Cima/Tip Concept Feeder Sea TBR - 1,00 Oz - 600 mm - Ø 3,00 mm
x918102 Cima/Tip Concept Feeder Sea TBR - 1,50 Oz - 600 mm - Ø 3,00 mm
x918103 Cima/Tip Concept Feeder Sea TBR - 2,00 Oz - 600 mm - Ø 3,00 mm

code type size diameter weight sections closed length
05745xx Medium Light Action 12 ft 13,20 mm 186 g 3+3 125 cm
05746xx Medium Action 13 ft 13,90 mm 212 g 3+3 135 cm
05747xx Strong Action 14 ft 14,20 mm 293 g 3+3 145 cm