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F1 Drifting

F1 Drifting

Extraordinary lightness, power and endurance for this rod built with the latest generation carbon fi ber, equipped with two tips, which are also made of carbon, different power and equipped with A.P. Flex system. Dedicated to
medium light drifting, the grafts between sections are N.I.C.I. System, the titanium rings with SiC stone and the reel seat is ergonomically designed. The handle is made with the new EVA Hybrid system, which in addition to ensuring a safe and comfortable grip is very strong and durable.


*914004 Cima/Tip F1 Drifting Light 2UL - 640 mm - Ø 3,30 mm

*914001 Cima/Tip F1 Drifting L - 680 mm - Ø 3,30 mm

*914002 Cima/Tip F1 Drifting M - 640 mm - Ø 3,30 mm

*914003 Cima/Tip F1 Drifting Light UL - 680 mm - Ø 3,30 mmï

code type size diameter weight sections closed length
03893** F1 Drifting 3,80 m 16,20 mm 335 g 3+2 144 cm
03929** F1 Drifting Light 3,80 m 16,20 mm 320 g 3+2 144 cm