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F1 Telescopic

F1 Telescopic

F1 brand identifies the top sea-range in cathalog! F1 Telescopic rod series is a reference in boat fishing. F1 Telescopic are light and thin with studied actions in collaboration with Lenza Emiliana’s champions in order to offer all possible technical solution to agonists and that’s why that Medium and Strong versions are offered without the usual tips set, so that fishermen will choose the kind of peak that they need for the fishing technique that they are practicing. In fact a wide peak’s range is available, made of TGT-Ti ( Glass Tip Titanium) of excellent quality, equipped titanium bridge rings, A.P. Flex system, everyone with different actions. titanium frame SiC rings, Alps reel-holder, a block to set lengths and the rods are equipped with a practice rear fighting cap made of removable rubber.


*91150L - Cima F1 Telescopic Ultra-Light L - 720mm - Ø 4,00mm
*91150M - Cima F1 Telescopic Ultra-Light M - 760mm - Ø 4,00mm


code type size diameter sections closed length
03869** Light 4,00 m 20,40 mm 5+2 136 cm
03870** Light 5,00 m 22,40 mm 6+2 138 cm