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Gold X

Gold X

Top of the range pole which, in addition to offering the best combination of stiffness and balance, offers excellent characteristics.

The new series of roubaisienne "X" consists of three models developed on the same molds and can be equipped with the new SX and LX kits, but not with the R series of past seasons. They are very versatile thanks to the Parallel Line system, which allows you to use the mini-extension to the length of 10, 11.50 and 13.00 meters and to use the robust base at 13 even when fishing at 11.50 meters. Also the "X" roubaisienne are equipped with the exclusive R-Grip Surface system which provides a series of embossed inserts which is very useful for recognizing the end of the pole during its forward movement. Sections 4 and 5 show a rounding at the end to facilitate fast engagement of the pieces during the competition phases.

code type size diameter weight sections closed length
x0500xx Gold X (no kit) 13,00 m 42 mm 861 g 4 190 cm