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Squid Wave

Squid Wave

Innovative rod for cephalopod fishing from the boat composed of two elements with spigot attachment and a put-in Solid carbon tip. Thanks to the slightly larger diameter of the rear base, the tip can be stored inside to prevent damage during transport. The fittings are of high quality, with the very light Sea Guide rings, the ergonomic double reel seat, the non-deformable EVA handle and the bindings in the same color as the rod.Carbon Tip Included

x917602 Tip Squid Wave Medium - 600 mm - Ø 3,00 mm

Light Tip
x917601 Tip Squid Wave Light - 600 mm - Ø 3,00 mm

code size diameter weight sections closed length
03166xx 2,70 m 14,40 mm 166 g 2+1 116 cm
03167xx 3,00 m 14,60 mm 184 g 2+1 130 cm