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TLE 6001

TLE 6001

Very versatile and robust rod, able to optimally support both the kits of the LX line for a rigid and powerful tool, and the thinner kits of the SX line for a lighter and more manageable set-up, a true All Round.

The TLE 8001 and TLE 6001 poles join the already existing "X" series. They are geometrically new rods in fact, while maintaining compatibility with the SX and LX kits, they have the base at 13.00m conical and the 11.50m perfectly cylindrical element; this implies that the closed rods will be composed of two elements: the 13.00m base which will contain the rod at 10m and the 11.50m element apart. This new solution requires that the fisherman, to operate at a distance of 11.50m, graft the 13m base directly on piece 6 of the 10.00m removing the 11.50m piece. This new range of rods also includes the latest innovations of the  company: the new R-Grip Surface system, that is a series of graphic elements in relief on the base and mini-extension to recognize the end of the rod while sliding it forward, in addition to rounded couplings on pieces 4 and 5 to facilitate the grafting of the pieces during the competition phases.

code type pieces size diameter weight sections closed length
x0567xx TLE 6001 (no kit) 4 13,00 m 43,8 mm 920 G 4 190 cm